SOUNDTHEATRE "Mermaid Blood"

SOUND THEATRE pamphlet design

Theater pamphlet design
SOUND THEATRE is a new style of readers theater "appealing to five senses.” 
It is a live performance by only by voice and music.
"Mermaid Blood " is a series performed in 2012, collaboration with "Kodo" the art of incense. 
Incense was deigned especially for this show.
The pamphlet contains a brochure and incense sticks so the audience can remember the scent with the story.
creative direction: Tadahiro Konoe
design and art direction: Kumi Hitomi
heated emboss on OKfloat,emboss with pearl stamp: Cosmotech
photo: Akihiro Yoshida
ctreative director: Tadahiro Konoe
photo: Yutaka Nakamura
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